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Business & Organisation Environmental Consultancy

Are you an organisation that wants to do right by the environment? 


Would you like to create a workplace which educates and makes people aware that small changes can make a difference?


Would you like to incorporate some alternatives or change the systems/items your organisation uses everyday?

If the answer is yes to the above questions our team here is to help! We offer one-on-one environmental consulting and can provide the following;

Waste audits and analysis

Waste contract management

Behaviour change strategy

Circular economy solutions


Sourcing and supplying truly compostable products and packaging

Marketing collateral and promotion of clients’ initiatives and achievements

Environmental reports on reductions, benefits, impacts and comparisons

Exclusive offers and campaigns

Staff education and training

Provide environmentally conscious products, supplies and services to reduce your business’ footprint, for less 

We pride ourselves on successfully tailoring our services to suit each individual client’s needs.

Our Clients

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By working with B-Alternative, we offer continual support and guidance in reducing waste management bills, outputs and overall environmental impacts. Whether it’s a phone call, drop-in or an email, we’re always here to help.


If you would like more information, please get in contact with us today 

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