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B-Alternative is a grassroots, environmental consultancy group shaking things up for a more sustainable, planet-positive future!
We are based in Australia and are a part of a global community of conservationists, environmentalists and change-makers.


Jason Rahilly

Founder & Director

An entrepreneurial spirit at heart, building businesses is in Jace's blood. He started his first official business, a personal training company, at 17, before moving into carpentry at 22 after an early football career. Jace's love for animals and frustration with plastic pollution lead to the birth of B-Alternative, of which he is the passionate founder, director and visionary.

As a business-minded human he understands that by building a successful business model, he can support the philanthropic and educational activities needed to make real change.

Now a licenced builder with his own carpentry business, Gypco, Jace is also building earthships and looking ahead to sustainable off grid communities.

Jace floats around the south coast of Victoria, chasing waves, connecting with other Earth-minded souls and seeking further business opportunities.



Abbey Galbraith

Health Solutions Manager


Abbey grew up on a farm in Tasmania and attributes this upbringing with her connection to, and respect for, the natural environment. She has worked in the healthcare sector as a pharmacist for the last 14 years in both hospital and community settings.

Abbey finds calm and solace in the natural environment and is fascinated by the finer details and designs in nature - igniting joy, wonderment and creativity for both her and her two young children.

Over the years Abbey has become increasingly disillusioned by the enormous volumes of waste produced by the healthcare sector. The link between environmental health and human health is undeniable and fuels her determination to pursue sustainable practices in health care – as a matter of duty of care to our community.

Abbey enjoys an active lifestyle on the Surf Coast with her young family. In her down time you will find her tending to the vegie garden, body surfing, tinkering on her knitting machine and finding a cosy spot to enjoy a cup of tea.



Jarrod Leggett

Events Project Manager


Jarrod is a Melbourne boy who made the move to Armstrong Creek just over two years ago with his wife, two daughters and kelpie, Sox. He loves being active and helping others get physical, previously working in Sport and Recreation.


Since moving, Jarrod has spent a lot more time in nature through surfing and walking, spurring on a deeper appreciation for our beautiful environment. 

As the father of young daughters, he wants to ensure they have the best possible future and the opportunity to enjoy the planet, just like us. This has motivated him to make a difference through waste diversion and education at B-Alternative's events and festivals. 


Tim Landells

Impact Manager


A passionate environmentalist from a young age, Tim always felt like he needed to have more of a positive impact on our planet. He is inspired to offset planetary impacts of overpopulation through sustainable resource management and consumption.

Tim is Impact Manager at B-Alternative, striving to make a difference to the enormous environmental footprint created by business-as-usual while keeping client costs at a minimum.

Tim takes a broad interest in entrepreneurship and business strategy and is endeavouring to merge a career of environmental sustainability and business management. He strives to become an influential leader on issues surrounding anthropogenic environmental impacts, educating and empowering people globally.

Tim is an environmental scientist, musician and surfer living a coastal life with his partner in Melbourne.


James McLennan

General Manager

James lives and breathes environmental conservation, preservation and regeneration. A trained outdoor educator, he strives to promote environmental awareness and sustainable living through facilitation, inspiration, community engagement, experience and curiosity.

Combined with his passion for and extensive experience in the sustainability sector, he has seen a fruitful history of partnering with schools on education programs. James has worked with small to medium business, NFP's, councils and corporate and government bodies. 

James is B-Alternative's general manager - our Action Man. He also runs his own business, Grassroots Sustainability, to reconnect people to the food cycle and to instil a greater understanding of how individuals, businesses, organisations, and communities can implement sustainable practices.


James lives a low-impact, connected life with his young family on Victoria's Surf Coast.

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Sarah Illic

People Person


Sarah grew up on the Peninsula with her two older brothers and younger sister and from the get go was an outdoors and sport fanatic with a passion for helping others.

She has always been compassionate and driven with a can do attitude with everything that comes her way and has always been very big on wanting to help others, so she started working in customer service, where she strives on communication and is large on building rapport and establishing a connection with anyone she meets. 

Sarah is very active and will never be at home on a sunny weekend she loves getting out on hikes, seeing the country, the ocean and enjoying what life has to offer with her two dogs and partner along side her. 

Max Di Petta

Engagement Manager


Max grew up in Melbourne and was introduced to our planet's varied and beautiful landscapes from a young age with many trips across Australia. This started her great passion for environmental spaces and protection of Country. 


She’s currently studying her Master of Environment with a focus on climate change mitigation and sustainability strategies for businesses. She’s striving to educate and make positive change at the tertiary level by teaching environmental-focused subjects. 


Living inner-city, Max found the lack of connection between urban and natural environments a driving force in wanting to reduce waste habits and encourage sustainable living. This has motivated her to join B-Alternative as she believes our planet needs ethical resource recovery and creative solutions. 



Amy Tobin 

Events Project Coordinator

Driven by passion and her connection to mother earth, Amy became acutely aware of the negative impact that humans have on biodiversity and climate change when she studied Environmental Studies and Sociology at University and began travelling the world and learning about how different cultures live and work with the land.


She began her career in animal welfare, working for an anti-vivisection society, and moving into conservation and regeneration projects, including volunteering for grassroots organisations. 


Amy is a wanderlust traveller, who currently lives and works nomadically on the East Coast of Australia. She lives a minimalist and low waste lifestyle, connecting to the elements wherever she goes, and shares her sustainability journey along her travels. 


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