Australian healthcare services are among the best in the world, but commonly fall short when it comes to environmental responsibility. Current practices often result in tonnes of single-use waste, carbon emissions and clinical waste. Also dependent on fossil-fueled energy, typical hospitals and clinics contribute heavily to climate degradation. B-Alternative are committed to changing this narrative by offering innovative, cost-saving systems to those healthcare providers who are dedicated to reducing service impacts while improving long-term health outcomes for people and the planet.

a healthier healthcare system


Australian statistics reveal that our healthcare system contributes 7% of our national carbon emissions (CO2e) (Malik et al., 2018). For every dollar spent in 2014-15, the industry created 0.22t of CO2e - and we spent $161.6 billion(!) Tonnes of single-use items, recyclable or not, are sent to landfill each day as time and cost pressures continue to favour convenience over doing the right thing for Mother Earth.

Progressive clinicians have rethought and redesigned systems and procedures which, backed by empirical evidence, are proving not only to reduce waste and emissions, but to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual budgets. By working closely with clinicians, sustainability teams and management, B-Alternative is beginning to create more opportunities for healthcare services across the country. By offering transparent consultation, innovative products and industry connections, we're showing clinics and hospitals how the future of healthcare can look - and it's exciting!