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About Us

B-Alternative aims to cultivate awareness of environmental issues and to provide low impact alternatives to individuals, businesses and groups.

We are based in Australia and is a part of a global community of conservationists, environmentalists and change-makers.

Facilitate cultural shift in attitudes and behaviour to low impact living. Treating the planet and hence ourselves with love and consciousness.

Be a catalyst for cultural change by providing systems, products and consulting in low impact alternatives for individuals, businesses and groups.

B-Alternative is initially focusing on raising awareness on plastic pollution and introducing socio-economic transitions to reduce plastic pollution. Future activities of B-Alternative will tackle other environmental issues.

We seek suppliers who can provide us with alternative products to make the transition to a sustainable lifestyle more affordable and easier for everyone.



Jason Rahilly 
The driving force behind B-Alternative. He's been in his own building business in Victoria, Australia for 6 years. And has been active in non-profit environmental organizations for more than 2 years.

Gina Lopez 
Gina is passionate, creative and totally committed to seeing massive systemic change in the world. "I think long term... like really long term. I want to see us take responsibility for our future. I want to see an ethical and purposeful direction for humanity, one that is driven by love and care, putting the health of our planet first."

Loki Martin
The little nerd lady behind B-Alternative. 
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Raine Jackson

SHE'S A LEGEND! The awesome surfer girl who's creating change to protect our oceans.


Mai Lagman

Currently in hiatus (probably doing some courageous work for the indigenous people of the Philippines), she used to manage our awesome Facebook account. We eagerly await her return. 


Tegan Carter

The super woman who cares an awful lot about animals. She loves the local markets and loves engaging in community work.


Bleps Carlos

The cool artist mother volunteering to bring colour and magic to B-Alternative!
Check out her amazing artworks:



Khen Asuncion

Karen is the "universal lid expert" and product catalogue manager. She is organised, with good attention to detail and likes to keep a general positive attitude. Being part of the BA team has helped strengthen her environmental awareness and her drive to make a positive impact on the environment however little it may be. A girl who loves her tea. :)