Be Alternative

We are in epic times, never has the Earth experienced such damage from humanity. A lot of this damage comes from unconscious decision-making around our consumer choices. We are some of the riches people in the world -- a plethora of consumer, convenience products at our fingertips from all over the world. 

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Consumer choices causes a lot of the damage in the world. A classic example would be a person buying coffee in a takeaway cup with plastic lid. The person might not be aware that the takeaway cup will end up in landfill and will not be recycled as it is made of mixed material (plastic lining and cardboard paper). The plastic lining doesn't biodegrade and becomes a major pollution hazard! The plastic lid also ends up in landfill if not thrown properly in the recycling bin. And it is estimated Australians use 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year! Imagine all of that in landfill or scattered as litter which goes to the oceans!

Sadly, most people don't connect their consumer choices to environmental degradation! B-Alternative's VISION is to facilitate cultural shift in attitudes and behaviour to low impact living. We should treat the planet, hence ourselves, with love and consciousness.

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B-Alternative will do its best to provide alternative products which will help people transition to a sustainable lifestyle. Some of the single-use items we provide is as ethical as we can manage, but we really don't want to settle for any single-use items. We will continually find better alternatives to offer to everyone.

B Alternative world!

Words by Gina Lopez, first 2 images not from B-Alternative.