Education Programs

We strongly believe that knowledge and education are an essential means towards empowering people to make change. That’s even more so the case for our younger generations who stand to inherit this planet. Our intention is to provide a platform for environmental issues to be discussed openly and collaboratively with students and the general community.

Our school talks program is often held in conjunction with Polperro Dolphin Swims who are based at Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula.

Our talks are lively and engaging, with activities and group participation. We provide accurate data on the environment and the impacts of plastic pollution, and we encourage open, healthy, solutions orientated discussions to take place. One of our main considerations is to talk to students on their level, making it fun and appropriate for the age group attending. We gauge the success of our talks on how many students are actively participating, putting their hands up and both answering and asking questions. We’re often approached at the end of our talks by both students and teachers who want to ask further questions or find out what else they can do.

Plastic Pollution Talk

We also receive an encouraging amount of follow up emails from past participants who are making changes within their homes and larger communities.

School Talk with Jason

A percentage of our talk fee is donated to the Port Phillip Ecocentre and Neil Blake, the Baykeeper to support their ongoing studies. The team at the Ecocentre work closely with the community to create proactive programs, and spend much of their time researching plastic pollution, global warming, climate change and in particular how those affect our local environment.

We firmly believe that involving our children and working closely with grassroots organisations is one of the most effective ways to spread this message. We aim to help people understand why changing the the way we think about plastic pollution and living more sustainably is the first step towards solving our planet’s bigger issues.

Polperro Dolphin Swims:
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To book us for environmental talks, send us a message by clicking here.

 Words by Stephanie Smilas Charles