Life Cykel Mushroom Boxes

Life Cykel Mushroom Boxes

We fully support all that is awesome, nurturing and which promotes a circular economy like Life Cykel! So we're partnering with them and offering Life Cykel's Mushroom Boxes!

Nutritious and delicious, you can grow your own mushrooms at home within 14 days! Consumers couldn’t gain the benefits of freshness, nutrition, that home grown feeling and environmental contribution without Life Cykel Mushroom Boxes. Life Cykel’s Home Grown Mushroom Boxes can be ordered here and can be sold by your local school or community group as a fundraiser. Life Cykel's fresh mushrooms are sold to local restaurants, food outlets and markets.

Wholesale Mushroom Boxes (Set of 12 boxes) at $211.20

  • One order comes in 12 boxes.
  • Each box has a 3 month shelf life in a store or a 6 month shelf life in cold storage.
  • Each box contains used coffee grounds mixed with mushroom spores in Life Cykel's Fremantle store, and a spray bottle. 
    • Note: You can specify in the Order Notes at Checkout that you don't need a spray bottle if you already have one. We suggest that you reuse old spray bottles. And Life Cykel is happy to support this small initiative which benefits the environment!
  • Gourmet Oyster Mushroom will grow from the boxes. 
  • The wholesale price of one box is $17.60 inc. GST and RRP is $28 inc. GST.
  • Click "Order Now!" and it will redirect you to Life Cykel's product page where you can complete your order.  Note: Transaction for the mushroom boxes will be done separately and outside the B-Alternative shop. 

Will redirect to Life Cykel's product page.

How to grow the mushrooms? Click here for the instructions and tips.

For more information, watch some awesome videos below.