About Us

​B-Alternative is a grassroots, environmental solutions group shaking things up at festivals, markets, schools and any event where the focus is shifting to a more sustainable, planet positive future! We are based in Australia and is a part of a global community of conservationists, environmentalists and change-makers.


Jace Rahilly, FounderJason Rahilly, Founder and Director 

An entrepreneur in every sense of the word! from owning his own Personal training business at the age of 17 through to travelling the Country playing Football at the semi professional level. Turned to construction at the age of 22 where he established his own business in the construction industry that has been running successfully for the last 7 years to date. 'Although always passionate about animals, I never really did enough to support my planet, always to caught up in my very 2 dimensional dreams of an AFL football star. Eventually my partner at the time convinced me to stop talking about the atrocities of the planet and do something about it! She was right! Then the journey with Sea Shepherd began!' After Jason had returned from multiple Sea Shepherd campaigns he realised that the issue facing our oceans was far greater than hunting.. Plastic was going to destroy our oceans and planet faster then any form of hunting. Collaborating with multiple awesome groups after travelling around Australia, Jason noticed that so many people where doing great things.. But the funding they were working off was draining them.. As a business minded human he decided that if revenue was more readily available and a successful business model was achieved, al the philanthropic activities that surrounded education and call's to action would be so much stronger with funding from a conscious business... Hence the Birth Of B-Alternative. He loves the team he works with and loves the platform for creation and change that B-Alternative provides. Jason is also an eco builder -- working on off grid and earth ship models.

Loki MartinLoki Martin, Social Media Manager and Bin Fairy

Loki was the cool Science Club president in high school who everyone loved and also hated for telling people off because they litter. Little did she know that two decades later she will be picking up litter on Australian beaches, working as a bin fairy in festivals and helping run an environmental organization called B-Alternative. In late 2014, on a plane ride from Dubai to Melbourne, she sat next to Jason who just completed a Sea Shepherd mission at Faroe Islands, Denmark. In a few months time, she would be building a website and setting up systems for B-Alternative -- and later on would become Jason's strong ally behind the force that is B-Alternative. She provides a nurturing and loving space to make it easier for people to make a positive change. She dreams of building a sanctuary in one of the 7600+ islands of the Philippines which will aim to protect the local flora and fauna and provide a safe refuge to victims of humanitarian injustices.

Lourdes SanchezLourdes Sanchez, Business Development Manager 

Lourdes is in charge of Business Development at B-Alternative. She speaks five languages, has experience in social entrepreneurship, education, corporate, and government, and loves travelling and creating socio-environmental impact. Her experience, skills and passions allow her to bridge different cultures, sectors, and mindsets.

Tim LandellsTim Landells, Festival Manager and Environmental Consultant

Tim is a keen surfer and environmentalist with a deep passion for embracing and sustaining our natural world. He is motivated by creating positive environmental change through impactful action and leadership. Tim is responsible for helping festival organisers create the most environmentally sustainable event possible, maximising efficiency and affordability.

Esther Gatnau LopezEsther Gatnau, Market Manager and Environmental Campaigner

Our bright spirit Esther was born in Catalonia and moved to Australia to work in environmental science, she is now our star campaigner and we couldn't live without her! "I love working with B-Alternative because we are a community that share the passion to protect our planet, I get to help others shift to a more sustainable lifestyle and engage younger generations to make this world a better place!" Esther loves working with wood, scuba driving and hiking - "Nature is the best cure!" 

Sivan BarakSivan Barak Bialobroda, Environmental Campaigner and Bin Fairy

Sivan is a lifetime social worker and ally, who collaborates for the means and ends. She believes in passing the microphone, working across groups and walking gently on stolen land. Sivan energetically advocates for social justice while repairing our Earth.

Bleps DapoBleps Dapo, Graphic Artist

The cool artist mother volunteering to bring colour and magic to B-Alternative! Check out her amazing artworks:



Delena Vo ​​Delena Vo, Awesome Adminstration Officer and Environmental Campaigner 

Delena is a concerned citizen of this planet who is learning and trying to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. "I believe we are all here to also give back a little something to this magnificent planet and to live harmoniously with all life forms on it."

Marty DraperMarty Draper, Site Manager and Bin Fairy

He moved from the Byron Bay area to Melbourne -- a truly awesome lad who loves to surf, cook and build wood products. He seems so chill but he is a weapon on festival grounds!

Tegan CarterTegan Carter, Environmental Campaigner and Bin Fairy 

The super woman who cares an awful lot about animals. She loves the local markets and loves engaging in community work.

Raine JacksonRaine Jackson, Environmental Campaigner and Bin Fairy

She's a legend! The awesome surfer girl who's creating change to protect our oceans.

Khen AsunscionKhen Asuncion, Product Catalogue Manager

Karen is the "universal lid expert" and product catalogue manager. She is organised, with good attention to detail and likes to keep a general positive attitude. Being part of the BA team has helped strengthen her environmental awareness and her drive to make a positive impact on the environment however little it may be. A girl who loves her tea. :)


The Festival Crew on our first festival!

B-Alternative Bin Fairies