Bamboo Straw

  • Great alternative to plastic straws! 
  • 20cm bamboo straws
  • Reusable, normal washing is fine (just make sure that it is dry before storing)
  • Sourced from Bali, Indonesia
    • Produced by Putu and his family. Putu is a shy and industrious young Balinese man from a small village near Ubud. Putu's still in high school, and this is his first business.
    • They have found the best quality bamboo from bamboo farmers in Singaraja (north Bali), naturally renewing, chemical-free and biodegradable. This is Putu's idea and an after school project, but he works with his father, also very industrious, to learn how to produce the straws (OK, when he's not flying kites or playing!). He'll use the profits to buy school books and handphone pulsa. :)