Handmade Produce / Veggie Bags

These beautiful, one of kind, produce bags have been lovingly hand-sewn by the gorgeous women of the Torquay community. 

Each one is unique and tells a story - the lace from a baby's bassinet or the once treasured curtains of a time long past! 

100% of profits made from these bags have been donated to the refugee crisis and we couldn't be more proud to offer you a reusable alternative that is almost carbon neutral in its production. Hard wearing, planet lovin' and as cute as a bag full of buttons! You'll never forget them on the way to the shop because you can't wait to show them off! 

A huge shout out to Plastic Bag free Torquay, Spring Creek Community House, Repair Cafe Surf Coast and the many gorgeous volunteers who made these lovely bags for the people and the planet!