Rice Husk Spork

    • This spork is made from rice husks!
    • Durable
    • Non-Toxic
    • BPA-Free
    • Biodegradable! After 2-3 years of use, this will easily biodegrade!
    • Heat and Freezer Safe 
    • Withstands -30 C to 120 C temperature
    • Microwave less than 3 minutes 
  • This spork is made from rice husk - an agricultural by-product that would otherwise be burnt and will biodegrade naturally within two to three years of disposal.
  • A single use plastic takeaway container is in your hands for 10 minutes but it ends up in landfill or the ocean for thousands of years, slowly breaking up into micro plastics and nanoparticles - the degrading plastic poisons the earth, water and creatures who inhabit it. However rice husk is a natural plant fibre that contains no toxins or heavy metals and by choosing to use this reusable product you can save 1000’s of plastic containers from going to landfill. It's a win for the planet and all of its creatures!
  • Delivery in 2-3 business days. Australia only. Contact us for overseas orders, click here.
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