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Meet the Team

B-Alternative is a grassroots, environmental consultancy group shaking things up for a more sustainable, planet-positive future! We are based in Australia and are a part of a global community of conservationists, environmentalists and change-makers.


Tim Landells

Impact Manager


A passionate environmentalist from a young age, Tim always felt like he needed to have more of a positive impact on our planet. He is inspired to offset planetary impacts of overpopulation through sustainable resource management and consumption. Tim is an environmental scientist, musician and surfer living a coastal life with his partner in QLD.

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Breanna Mann

People Person

Breanna has a great passion for personal sustainability in terms of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing enhanced through the practice of meditation and conscious living. She has worked in many fields throughout her career including finance, event management, animal welfare and zero waste food supply and has completed studies in the field of Human Rights and Politics.


Katrina Lee

Waste Audit Facilitator


Katrina grew up in Melbourne and has lived in Malaysia and London. She brings a science and education background and has a thirst for knowledge, which she quenches with podcasts and YouTube videos. Kat is passionate about widespread system-level change and is working towards intertwining this with ground-level individual and community action.

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Veronica Mackie

Communications Coordinator

Veronica is originally from Los Angeles but moved to Melbourne in 2016. She has travelled to 30 countries, and her passion for sustainability sprung from working abroad in the hospitality industry as she observed the immense waste produced in the sector. Having received a Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Anthropology, she is pursuing a Master's Degree in Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Aid. 

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James Lowithan

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Floyd Cento

On-Site Event Manager 

Floyd is a qualified town planner, however, his life path has taken him toward sustainable business and product development. His study of natural building, regeneration, philosophy, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing and branding have been endeavours of passion. He practices calisthenics and Brazilian jiu-jitsu for mindfulness and human optimisation. “Fix the world by fixing yourself" is his mantra.


Karla Zacharia

Operations Coordinator


Karla has a deep-rooted passion for sustainability as it is a core value that serves as the compass for her everyday decisions and beliefs. She is dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the world, consistently guided by the desire to contribute positively to others and our planet. She is an avid traveller, immersing herself in new cultures, connecting with people from diverse backgrounds, and embracing different perspectives. 

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Sarah Illic

Accounts Manager


Sarah grew up on the Peninsula with her family and from the get go was an outdoors and sport fanatic with a passion for helping others. She has always been compassionate and driven with a can do attitude with everything that comes her way so she started working in customer service, where she strives in communication and establishing a connection with anyone she meets.

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