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Staff and volunteers are fabulous and crucial additions to the B-Alternative team at events and festivals.


We are regularly recruiting environmentally conscious humans to join our team to help party with the planet and not against it.


B-Alternative works with various events and without a team we cannot accomplish our amazing work. 


We offer volunteer and paid roles that require passionate and enthusiastic people.


During your shift you are required to partake in various roles and help positively encourage event-goers to respect our mother earth. 


Want to join the B-Alternative Movement? 

Volunteer & Staff Roles

Staff Role Includes:

-Free festival ticket 

-Camping pass. (if applicable)

-2 x meals per shift

-Great way to network and help party with the planet

Vollie Role Includes: 

-Free festival ticket 

-Camping pass (if camping is at the event)

-1x meal per shift

-Great way to network and help party with the planet

Working with B-Alternative

Free Festival Entry

Hey, let's be honest festival tickets are expensive and can range from $250 - $1000. They're a lot of money! When you work with B-Alternative you receive a festival ticket, work your shifts and then get to enjoy the festival. If there's an artist or band you want to see - let us know so we can schedule your shifts around their set time so you don't miss out on your favourite act. 

Want to become a part of the B-Alternative team and assist at festivals and events? Fill this form out below - and our team will get back to you shortly.
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