From multi-day festivals and community events, through to farmers’ markets and sporting events, we’ve built planet-positive waste solutions for everyone and anyone. No event is too big or small and we tailor our seamless systems to fit your requirements. Whether you require staff education and training, waste stations and compostable packaging, or staff to help manage resources on the day, we do it.

our models: reusable + compostable

Want to know exactly how we can help your event become more sustainable for less? Our tailored waste solutions include: 


  • Consultation and education to event/festival managers, staff, stallholders and patrons on effective waste reduction

  • Coordination with food vendors and other on-site businesses to provide fully compostable and/or recyclable packaging,
    as well as reduced waste where possible

  • Consultation with event/festival managers on set-up, management and location of resource recovery stations

  • Front-of-house waste monitoring, separation and in-event education via our team of expert Bin Fairies

  • Post-event waste audits to record and calculate landfill diversion, carbon reduction and more

  • Seamless coordination of waste collection/processing with contractors

  • Ground clearing and litter collecting during and/or post event

party with the planet

A partnership with Green Music Australia