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Reuse Revolution


Ever noticed the monumental amount of single-use waste generated at events? Our aim is to make reusables at all events across Australia the new normal.


The Reuse Revolution introduces a circular economy solution with our reusable crockery, enabling events to curb their waste by 60-90%. This cuts landfill costs and environmental impact significantly. Circularity is key to making the events sector more sustainable.

You can hire us to run the system for your event, or you can buy and customise your own stock and we will train your staff how to run it!


Goodbye single-use.
Hello circularity.



The B Alternative festival team are passionate, engaged and laser-focused on reducing waste - and have the results to back it up! Their approach of empowering patrons to consider and take responsibility for their own waste is a refreshing forward-thinking and realistic way to help us all consider the impact that we have on this planet. Plus they are lovely humans who are a joy to work with. We look forward to integrating B-Alternative into our annual planning for many years to come.

Grace Callahan Event Manager, Lost Paradise Festival

Ready for

We are looking forward to implementing reusables at your festival or event. Please head to our contact page to get in contact or to receive a quote! Learn more about our industry services below.

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