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B-Alternative is an environmental social enterprise shaking things up for a more sustainable, planet-positive future. We are based in Australia and are part of a global community of conservationists, environmentalists, and change-makers.​

We offer practical, eco-friendly solutions to schools, festivals, businesses, and venues by sourcing and supplying truly compostable products and packaging, providing resource recovery and waste management services, and raising awareness through facilitated Earth-focused conversation for schools and events.

Who We are

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Our core pillars are educationEarth-friendly products, and regeneration. We believe that while 'sustainable' initiatives get people's attention, it's regeneration that will truly create the impact required to heal and rebalance this beautiful planet.

We want to be a catalyst for cultural change by providing systems, products, and consultation  for individuals, businesses, and events. We hope that our models progressively become obsolete, where harmony with the environment is the normal across the board.

Our Mission

Strawberry Fields
Meadow Festival
Energy Breakthrough
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School Waste Audit
Rainforest Rescue Regeneration

Ready To Go Alternative?


Kg organic waste diverted from landfill

Kg carbon emissions (CO2e) reduction

Hours flying a Boeing 737 plane saved

Laps driven around Australia saved

Our 21-22 Impact




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