• B-Alternative have been a breath of fresh air when it comes to the management and generation of waste at festivals. Their proactive education based approach has resulted in decreasing the generation of waste, increased diversion from general waste and ultimately reducing the amount of waste ending up in landfill for the events they have worked on with both The Hills Are Alive Group and RED HILL Entertainment.

    Rhett McLaren - Co-Director/General Manager of Events (The Hills Are Alive Group & RED HILL Entertainment)
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  • B-Alternative provides an inspiring and impeccable service in waste management across all facets of event waste management.  Their team is made up of enthusiastic and knowledgeable people who are committed to reducing waste through reduction and waste diversion.  B-Alternative’s ability to connect and empower management, patrons and vendors is extremely effective and culminates in outcomes well beyond expectations.  This is not just a business, but a group of people passionate about what they do and will go to any lengths to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved!  We have loved working with their team and look forward to many more opportunities to collaborate in choosing alternative products and methods to reduce waste

    Angeline Poole - Coastal Projects Coordinator. Caring for our Bays and Coastcare. Bellarine Catchment Network
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  • Thanks so much to the awesome B Alternative crew.Your passion, commitment and dedication in helping us reduce our footprint not only in the arena but also in the campgrounds was impressive.We certainly look forward to collaborating with you again this year

    Chris Burton - Site Manager (Falls Festival)