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Resource Recovery Strategy

We offer consultation and set-up of sustainable, low-cost systems that are effective in reducing schools’ environmental impacts - often immediately! We call this tried and tested method our Schools Resource Recovery Strategy.

our offerings 

Waste Audits

Our waste audit includes an educational experience with up to 5 hours on site and qualified manager to lead the activities. Students will analyse the items in school bins contributing to overall waste and be informed on correct waste streams. This is a hands-on event that students love and remember!


A selection of topics to choose from:

  • Ocean Plastic Pollution,

  • Deforestation

  • Waste and Recycling (personal actions at home/school).


Follow up support to start implementing positive change included.


Partnering with Who Gives a Crap, the school fundraiser package distributes and places an order for better products with reduced shipping emissions, packaging and costs! Ecobanks set aside 5% of your purchases for future environmental projects or purchases with BA!

Ethical Products

We provide environmental alternatives to range of school products:

  • Carbon-neutral, unwrapped copy paper

  • Stationary & office supplies

  • Reusable drink bottles, lunch boxes

  • Recycled tissues, toilet paper, paper towel & cleaning products

  • Indoor & outdoor bin stations

  • Canteen reusables

Benefits of our services


Positive environmental impacts and emission reductions. Waste audits promote positive behaviour change within school that go out into the communities.


Overall waste reduction – up to 70%!

You'll see immediate financial savings by diverting waste from landfill means the cost of your waste audit is essentially covered. 


Direct service links to the Victorian Curriculum, from F-10 and across all subject areas

Meeting requirements of sustainability as a cross-curricular priority


Fulfilling many STEM/STEAM outcomes while encouraging students to develop agency and leadership regarding current environmental issues


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