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Rainforest Rescue 

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Rainforests are under constant threat from development and climate change. Rainforest Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation that has been protecting and restoring rainforests since March 1999 by providing opportunities for individuals and businesses to protect rainforests forever.

Rainforest Rescue projects re-establish rainforests through planting, maintenance, and restoration programs, as well as purchasing and protecting high conservation value rainforest and preserving its biodiversity.


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B-Alternative has purchased sections of the Daintree National Park estate and has helped support the Traditional Owners of Daintree Rainforest. The Daintree is home to some of the world’s highest concentration of biodiversity and the B-Alternative team is proud to have some sort of impact.


This year as a team we've helped contribute towards the protection of 651 square meters of unprotected Daintree Rainforest. We will continue raising funds and inspire others to get behind this amazing cause.


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HalfCut aims to protect crucial forests for habitat for threatened and endangered species, protect Traditional Owners land titles, start mass tree planting projects and ultimately be part of the solution to the growing climate emergency - ensuring a safe future for all species on Earth.


HalfCut is a peer to peer, social and environmental movement that engages all people to raise funds for forest regeneration and conversation. ‘Halfcutters’ are people who are dedicated to the protection of the Daintree Rainforest and combaters of climate change.With half the world’s forests gone, Halfcutters do things by halves to represent the 50%+ of the world’s forests that are already destroyed.




They do this by both shaving their face, or colouring or braiding their hair. B-Alternative’s founder Jace and general manager James took part in World HalfCut day last year and shaved half their faces to raise funds. 


B-Alternative was one of the 100 ethical corporations (as ethical as can be) to take part in the $100K program in 2021. Along with Macpac, Bank Aus, Enova and Ben & Jerry's.


The B-Alternative team continues to help donate and encourage our community to partake in HalfCuts fundraisers nationwide and be involved with the HalfCut Organisation. 

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Landcare Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation established more than 30 years ago that supports the landcare community with funding, capacity-building, on-ground projects, information, networking and promotion of landcare achievements.


B-Alternative partnered with Bass Coast Landcare Network to donate a percentage of all compostable packaging sales in the Bass Coast region directly to local region projects. Through the ‘Packaging for Plants Partnership’ we worked with Bass Coast Landcare Network to revegetate and restore local landscapes. The partnership provided an opportunity for businesses to make a positive contribution to the local environment and their community, whilst improving their environmental sustainability through this earth-friendly initiative.



People who ordered packaging through B-Alternative contributed to the regeneration of natural ecosystems on the Bass Coast, enhancing biodiversity, sequestering carbon dioxide, encouraging breeding of threatened species and constructing natural biolinks through the local area.


For every Bass Coast business who ordered their packaging through B-Alternative, 5-10 indigenous plants were planted in the Bass Coast. On top of this, 2% of every packaging order went towards planting indigenous plants locally.  These revegetation works were completed along creeks and rivers, along landslides to reduce erosion, in coastal areas and in other strategic biodiversity locations, including biolinks across our landscapes.

   B-Alternative's services include:

  • Sourcing & supplying truly compostable products & packaging

  • Flexible waste contract management

  • Competitive pricing & financial savings

  • FREE marketing collateral & promotion

  • FREE waste audits, environmental reports

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