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B-Alternative's Impact at Maryborough Energy Breakthrough 2022


Energy Breakthrough is working closely with B-Alternative for the 2022 and 2023 Maryborough events to reduce event waste, increase waste education and become a more sustainable event overall!

Throughout the 2022 event, our team was interviewed by ABC Radio in relation to our impact at the event and potential avenues for education of students, parents and teachers. Made possible by the Circular Economy Councils grant funding from the Victorian Government through Sustainability Victoria, B-Alternative will continue working closely with Energy Breakthrough to implement some new and exciting practices at the 2023 event, making EB more environmentally conscious than ever before.

Our impact at the 2022 event saw the following results: 

  • A total of 6588kg of materials were managed into different recovery and waste streams at the 2022 Energy Breakthrough event, down 82% from 2019's 36,000kg

  • 44% (2868kg) of waste was diverted from landfill

  • 20% (1340kg) of waste was organic and was composted

  • Total landfill was 3720kg (56%) of total waste, decreasing by 89% from 2019's 35,000kg

  • 633kg of single use packaging was avoided through the implementation of a reusable crockery system

  • Estimated attendance numbers decreased by 34% from 22,000 in 2019 to 14,475 in 2022

Listen to the full interview below! 

Keep up to date with B-Alternative's impact at Energy Breakthrough here. 

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